Hardman R150S-MHP 5'0" Grand Piano Mahogany Polish

Hardman R150S-MHP 5'0" Grand Piano Mahogany Polish

Brand: Hardman
Product Code: ae00-12736

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Hardman Peck was the official piano of the Franklin Delano Roosevelt White House, it was also the official piano of the Metropolitan Opera in New York City in the early part of the 20th century.

This piano has similar features as seen on grand pianos selling for 200% to 300% more. The width of outer rim of the Concerto Grand is a full ½” thicker than a top-selling brand piano

The Hardman Peck grand has a European look with Steinway-style spade legs but with large 2 ¼” wide casters. It also has a wonderfully light, fast action and uses German felts for the hammers – for a rich, mellow European tone.

All of the grand pianos feature two lid props for adjustable height and the rich look with the nice beveled edge on the lid. The distinguished use of black felt on top of keys and iron plate sets this piano apart from the others.

All the Hardman Peck grands feature a sostenuto pedal – a design feature not found on most entry level grand pianos. These pianos are priced to provide customers with the most piano value for the money

Model: R150S-EP
Manufacturer: Hardman