Fender FB-55 Banjo

Fender FB-55 Banjo

Brand: Fender
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The Fender Banjo

Fender has been making great stringed instruments for over 50 years, and their banjo's are still top of the line. 
Fender has a devoted following among banjo musicians, as they do with their guitars and mandolins.  You often hear owners say "I will never get rid of my Fender!" or "It's the only one I will ever play!".  An icon in musical instrument making, they have gone through ups and downs over the decades, like Gibson, but have always come back strong. 

The FB 55, FB58 and FB59 are all musician/performance quality, sound great and are beautifully crafted instruments.  Remember, unlike the Deerings, these are not made in the USA, but are imports that are quality controlled by Fender in the US, like the other major brands like Gold Tone.

So, if Fender means something special to you, you can't go wrong getting any one of these find banjos, for yourself or as a gift.  

Model: 0955500021
Manufacturer: Fender