Naperville Music Rental Agreement


Thank you for considering NAPERVILLE MUSIC as your source for band and orchestra instrument rentals.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality instruments at the lowest possible prices. Unlike vendors in the school, who keep their rental agreements "top-secret" until you sit down for their sales pitch, we have been publishing our rental agreements on-line for over 9 years. We do this so you have the opportunity to review our rental agreement at your leisure, well in advance of your actually making a rental decision.

The easiest way to rent with us is to  reserve online. You may pickup your instrument at our store, or is some cases we can ship it to you. A drivers license and credit card are required for each rental. Reserving on line allows us to prepare your agreement so that you can simply sign and go when you visit our store.  To avoid confusion, please submit multiple instrument reservation requests individually. 

You can also reserve by calling our store. We have thousands of instruments but at the peak of rental season, all instruments are subject to availability. We will notify you immediately if the instrument you are requesting is not available. But first, go ahead and check our our rental agreement.  It's simple and straightforward.  Your rent applies to the purchase, insurance and maintenance is included, and your only obligation is to make your payments or return the instrument at any time.



Our Student Rental Guarantee


It cant be easier than this.  If either you, or your child, are not completely satisfied with your instrument rental within the first 15 days of rental, we will fix it, exchange it for another one, or refund your money!

Check out all the instruments we rent at these pages.

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