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We know there are many places you can purchase your guitar online.  Most online dealers have a call center and a warehouse, and no one ever sees the instrument you will be shipped, nor do they care. Here at NM, every guitar is inspected, photographed in detail  and adjusted by one of our two luthiers.  You get the same quality delivered right to your door that our in-store customers receive.  And since we love guitars, if we aren’t satisfied with a guitar it quietly goes back to the manufacturer, and eventually some other online company will ship it out without ever seeing it. 

Reasons to buy from Naperville Music

Are you having a hard time actually finding the guitars that are so desirable? Have you located one at one of the 'superstores', just to find that the 'collector' instrument has been played and handled by every guitarist east of the Mississippi, and looks it? Are you tired of discussing vintage instruments with salesmen who don't know anything about the instruments? We have the solution for you, purchase from us! Here are a few good reasons why.

1. We are players, and know these guitars backward and forward. We own collector quality guitars ourselves. Gibson was our first guitar line when we opened our doors back in 1974, and we've been selling and servicing quality guitars ever since. That being said, we know how to help you.

 2. We stock a lot of high-end collectable guitars. We stock the guitars that we all grew up with from the "classic" manufacturers like Gibson, Martin, Taylor and Fender, but we also stock the guitars from custom builders like PRS, New Orleans, Grosh guitars, and McNaught guitars.

3.  We treat our guitars with the respect they deserve, and we require customers who are trying our guitars to do so as well. Both are Acoustic room, Electric room, and storage area are humidified separately from the rest of the store.

4. Our policy is to be very competitive on these instruments. We will beat any other dealers advertised price. Bring us the ad- we'll beat the price. Show us the web page and we will beat the price.

Beginner guitar information you need to know.

Are you just getting started with guitar or thinking about getting your first "real" guitar? Well you have come to the right place. We know that you are excited about the possibility of a new guitar or bass, but are probably a little unsure about what steps to take next. We want you to know that we have been selling guitars to first time players as well as seasoned professionals for over 30 years.

We take pride in the fact that we always will take what ever time is necessary to help you through the purchase process. There are a few ways to purchase your guitar or bass from Naperville Music. You can visit our store, and see the hundreds of guitars we have in stock. You can also purchase your guitar from us via mail-order or the internet.

Now matter which way you choose, the most important thing to remember is that you should contact us.

You can contact us via email, live chat, toll fee phone, or visit the store. No matter which you choose, you can be assured that if you let us know that you are a little new to this whole guitar thing, we will provide you with a lot of information, and some tips on how to select the best guitar for you. Yes you, not your friend, your guitar hero, or the 'guitar of the week' at some retailer.

One good thing about guitars, is that is an instrument that has matured. That simply means that there are no real technological advancements - actually Les Paul and others slapped a pickup on a chunk of wood in the late 40's and created an electric guitar. The differences between guitars are impossible to count, but they are relatively minor differences that give a particular model or brand it's unique personality.
But the fundamentals are always the same.

Here are some of the things you will need to know when buying a guitar;

1. Electric or Acoustic, the wood the instrument is made of determines how the instrument will sound. This is known as the "tone". The better the tone the more the instrument will cost. When you are a beginner, tone is not the most important concern, in fact most beginners can not hear the difference between the different woods until they have been playing for a while.

2. The most important thing to consider when buying your first guitar is playability, This determines how easy it is to press the strings down while learning to play. You want the strings to be as low as possible to the neck without buzzing. This means your fingertips won't hurt when you practice. If they hurt, you will not want to learn to play.

To insure your guitar will be playable and sound good, you will want a name brand guitar that has a lifetime warranty. The big companies stand behind their products. You will also need to get the guitar from someone who can show you all the things that go into making a guitar playable. Think about how unhappy you would be if you bought a piano and every other key was stuck down.
that would be easy to spot before you bought but playability on guitar is not that easy to find for a beginner.

As a new player, you may not have thought of these things before. But in any case, answering these questions in the context of what you want now as a player and what you will need in the future as a player will help a lot in the process of selecting the guitar that will give you the most satisfaction for the money.

We would like to help. Stop by the store, call us, email us.

We look forward to hearing from you,

The Guitar Guys

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