Now you can have this remarkable system installed in your piano anywhere in the United States.

Relax to the sounds of the worlds most famous piano players!


The PianoDisc player system is designed as a retrofit system meaning it can be installed into pianos after they are built. There is no limitation requiring the system to be installed in the factory by the piano manufacturer such as with certain other player piano products. This opens the possibility for enjoying a PianoDisc system
on any piano brand.

This means that we can install a PianoDisc player system into virtually any piano.

Whether you have a vertical piano, either spinet, console, studio or upright piano or a baby grand or concert grand or any size in between, we can likely install a PianoDisc system for you.

Two Systems to choose from: IQ Intelligent Player System or IQ iPad Air

IQ Intelligent Player System
The iQ Intelligent Player System can be operated from your choice of external devices, including popular devices like the iPad, iPod and MP3 players. PianoDisc’s revolutionary iQ acts as a bridge between today's latest music playback technology and PianoDisc's elegant SilentDrive reproducing piano system. With iQ, you can download your music from PianoDisc's Music Store, organize and store it, then play it on your piano. You control the piano with a device you already know how to operate while the SilentDrive system delivers a beautiful, fully expressive piano performance—even at whisper-soft levels.

  iQ iPad Air    
Invisible technology and wireless control...

The new iQ iPad Air brings invisible technology and wireless control to your piano.  You'll love how easy it is to download, store, organize and play your music from this sleek controller. You can also enjoy endless entertainment with PianoDisc's free Internet Streaming Radio Broadcast.Take
advantage of the iPad's larger visual display to view sheet music or simply watch PianoVideo performances.


PianoDisc IQ System 

Watch this "Home Time" video to learn more about the 
The big question everybody has is how much will it cost. The answer to that is - It depends on which version of the
 system you want and what type of piano you have. We would love to consult with you on your needs and help
 you better understand the different IQ systems. We can  discuss your piano or one you may be considering the various PianoDisc options available and other details such as moving arrangements and time requirements. 
Just click the "I need more information" button below and we can all of your questions.

 How does the IQ System work?
The center of the iQ system is PianoDisc’s patented 88-note SilentDrive™ playback system.
SilentDrive’s electronics are virtually invisible in the piano yet  they control all aspects of a performance from key to pedal response.

 The worlds greatest pianists...playing your piano
Thanks to SilentDrive’s patented technology, iQ plays the piano with the musical equivalent of high definition: full expression performances by piano artists guaranteed to dazzle you and your friends.


Easy to Operate

The iQ system can be operated by your choice of devices.  You can use an MP3 player,  play music from CDs and DVDs, or download PianoDisc music to iTunes and play the piano through your laptop or desktop. As with MP3 players, you can control the volume and song selection directly from the iTunes interface.

Plays your favorite music    
The iQ system plays music from the entire PianoDisc music library, which includes performances by scores of award winning artists, including Grammy winners, Billboard Top-Ten artists and the winners of major international piano competitions.

The iQ system also plays PianoSync™ music, which combines a new, live piano accompaniment with the hit CDs of musical superstars.

Complete Audio Visual Experience  
The iQ system also integrates with Smart Homes, connected homes, home audio and home theater systems. With this last combination, you can play a PianoDisc PianoVideo™.  As you watch the pianist play on the screen, the music he’s performing will  play live on your piano. These thrilling video performances are available in standard or high definition.


Installation Reviews

5.0 out of 5 stars Nikki M -
"Everything was quick and efficient and in no time we had this wonderful system up and running! it went very smoothly and the guys were very nice"
5.0 out of 5 stars Patricia T
"Kurk and Rich did an awesome job installing our Pianodisc"
5.0 out of 5 stars Chuck S - 
"I was impressed with the knowledge of your staff. They were also welcoming and friendly"
5.0 out of 5 stars Glenn C - 
"Outstanding service even from out of state, you network of certified installers is amazing"

5.0 out of 5 stars Mike S - 
"I always enjoy my experience at Naperville Music. The staff people are tremendous and extremely helpful"

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