When It’s time for that very special amp, Victoria is one that quickly comes to mind.

The creation of Mark Baier, the Victoria amplifiers successfully set out to not only emulate the sound of the worlds must classic amps, but to actually do them one better. Based upon the classic construction design and manufacturing of the 50’s and 60’s, these very desirable amplifiers take amplifier sound to a new level of authenticity.

With almost two dozen unique models to choose from, you are sure to find a Victoria amp that dials in the exact tone your looking for. Do you like the sound of the tweed and blackface Fenders, or the old Gibson amps? Victoria is the way to get it.

All models are constructed with the very finest components, including NOS ( new old stock) components straight from the ‘good old days’.

Another interesting thing is that Naperville Music and Mark Baier have a long association that dates way back to when Mark was a regular customer of ours. The fact that every Victoria amp is created just miles from our shop in Naperville makes our relationship even more fun.

So please take some time to check out this page and the links we provide. If you have any questions at all on Victoria amps, please dial us up at our toll free number, for every bit of information you might need. We visit the Victoria facility on a regular basis and can provide some interesting insight into your next amp purchase. And if all the choices seem a bit overwhelming, we can help you through it.

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 Some words from our friend:
                            Mark Baier


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If you’re thinking about a Victoria, you have got to talk to Johnny Barone.  Johnny is our resident guru, and he will be happy to assist you in selecting the Victoria amp that is just right for you.
Call 630-355-1404 Ext 105 with questions or comments.  Johnny can also work with you and directly with Mark Baier of Victoria to create the exact the sound that you dreamed of.