Piano Information You Need to Know

NAPERVILLE MUSIC offers excellent values in new and used acoustic pianos.

Deciding which piano to invest in can be difficult without proper information. Your choices today seem endless. However the decision making process does not have to be overwhelming.

Here at Naperville Music, unlike many competitors, we can offer you the widest selection of piano products available. We stock acoustic uprights, acoustic grand pianos, digital grand pianos, digital uprights, the new "hybrid" pianos, player pianos with wireless control, and digital interactive pianos. We also stock portable and professional pianos for home, studio and the stage.  Our instruments come from the world's finest manufacturers.

We are an authorized dealer for Yamaha Acoustic Pianos, Hardman-Peck, and many more. These instruments meet the requirements of all levels of piano performance, from beginner to concert artist.

Here are a few points to consider if you visit our showroom.


If furniture is an important point for you, you will probably be considering an acoustic piano, either a grand or upright. Acoustic pianos come in the largest selection of cabinet styles, and finishes. However acoustic/digital hybrid pianos and digital pianos are also available in a variety of cabinet styles and finishes. Always check the luster and finish. Is it smooth, is it durable. We will be happy to show you a wide variety of finishes which will be pleasing to look at as well as listen to.


For many people, tone is a top priority. The only way to judge tone is to listen. The combination of materials, design, and workmanship will dictate the tone of an piano. All are slightly different, many are dramatically different. Typically the better the tone the more the piano will cost. But you don't have to spend a fortune to get a great sound. We will show you why sound is different, and whether it's worth the extra money to you and your family.


A piano is for playing- and how the keyboard responds to the player is a very important point. All the pianos we sell are responsive to the player, however like the tone quality, once you attain the certain quality level, you may not notice the subtle differences that result in a higher price. Like with TONE, the combination of materials, design, and workmanship will dictate the differences in piano actions. We can show you the difference between actions, and you can choose which quality level will best meet your requirements.


Tuning stability is an important issue, since a piano begins slipping out of tune shortly after the tuner leaves your home. A properly made piano will hold it's tune and not slip unnecessarily. All of our pianos use seasoned wood, and the finest tuning pins to insure a stable piano.


Another important point is who you are buying the piano from. Most quality pianos will provide a lifetime of use and durability. Is your dealer willing and able to assist you if the need arises? Ask around, you will find that Naperville Music is a respected name in the music business in Chicago for over 40 years. We are always striving to meet and exceed our customer's expectations.


Some people will consider a pre-owned piano as a part of their purchase options. Pianos, if properly maintained last for generations. However, the key is maintenance. Most pianos that are not being played regularly are not maintained-at all. As a result of this negligence, many costly problems can develop. Be sure to inspect any potential used piano for neglect.

We offer only AAA grade pre-owned pianos

If you are looking for a pre-owned piano, call us for a complete listing of console, upright, upright grand, and traditional grand pianos.  All of our used pianos are tuned, cleaned regulated and upgraded before they are made available for sale.  We specialize in used Grand and Baby Grand pianos.

Digital Pianos

For many families another alternative to a used piano would be a new digital piano. Digital pianos are extremely cost effective and would include a warranty. If you would like additional information on digital pianos, be sure to visit our digital piano department on our web site. Be sure to check them out before your rule them out.

Naperville Music carries a large selection of acoustic uprights as well as grand pianos, and can offer you many tips on selecting a piano. We sell pianos by many name brand manufacturers. Customers can compare for themselves the differences between manufacturer's products. Our sales personnel will be happy to guide you through the process of selecting a piano for your family, and we will do so without any pressure to purchase.

Shopping Experience


Why is the piano shopping experience at Naperville Music always a positive one, and elsewhere it can tenuous at best?

Well here is the answer. In our industry our store is called a full-line store.  That means that we do more than just sell pianos, or just give lessons, or just sell guitars.  It means we have all types of services and products for musicians.  It also means that we don't have all of our eggs in one basket so to speak.   While you are most interested in pianos at this time, you should look around our website and see all the things that we do.  This alone is a very important and obvious (once your aware of it) reason that your experience at Naperville Music will be quite different than those places who have salesmen patiently waiting in an isolated and normally very quiet showroom for their next customer.  Check out the interactive tour of our store. The link is at the top of our website.

Here's how one customer described her piano shopping experience..

     "It was our first time purchasing a piano and we were rather overwhelmed with choices and places to go to. We knew for sure wherever we go, we would be bombarded with sales pressure. Well, we were rather surprised the when we first visited Naperville Music. We were led to a show room full of pianos, and Rich himself showed us a few. When we expressed our desire, he brought us to that particular brand while giving us options of its models from lower end to the higher end. When my husband and I needed some privacy for discussion, he politely stepped away for a while. Since we could not and would not decide on just one store, we decided to visit another store. It was a waste of time, it was such a hassle just to get the sales man to reduce the price, not only that he kept pushing us to the piano we have no interest in even though we had expressed our desire.  A few days later, I went back Naperville Music and asked to see the piano again. He patiently led me to the show room. A week later, we knew that Naperville Music is the right place to get our first piano, so we returned and cut the deal with them. Reasonably priced and excellent service!" Ruby T.

We want your piano shopping  experience to be like this customer's...

     "When I was looking for a new piano, I checked out numerous retail music establishments. Naperville Music's approach was different. I was shown the pianos that would fit my requirements and needs. Their approach was to let me, the customer, sit down and play the pianos with the music I play, not just some sales person who played some genre. Additionally, there was no pressure to purchase, and the sales process was very easy and simple. I am very happy with my piano purchase and would highly recommend them to any of my friends. Steve H."

Or this one's....

     "We recently purchased a new  Piano from Naperville Music.  It was one of the most enjoyable purchases we ever had.  The knowledge and professionalism of our salesperson, Ryan, was second to none.  Besides that, he is so talented a musician and demonstrated the capabilities of the piano in an extraordinary way.

    We visited many piano stores in the area and when it came down to the final decision, Naperville Music was comparably priced with everyone else, but their level of service made them head and shoulders above every other piano store we visited.  If you want the best piano's, the best service, the best people and the best price, then you want Naperville Music." Ron and  Kathy P. Oswego, IL

We don't pressure you, because we are not under pressure to 'close the deal".  Don't get me wrong, we want your business and will do whatever we can to earn it.  But for us the sale is not the goal.  We want to make you our customer first.  Perhaps a piano customer first, or maybe a lesson customer.  Even if you don't buy your piano from us, we eventually would like to have your band or orchestra rental business, your lesson business, and your referral.  That wouldn't happen if we pressured you when you were looking for a piano. 

After over 40 years in business I guess we have earned the right to take a different view of our customer relationships.  This customer's last major purchase from us was a guitar- over 15 years ago.  Read what he said about us...

          "I can’t say enough good things about our Digital Piano purchase (for our daughter – [yeah right; for me & my wife too) from Naperville Music; not only the great price, but the service before & after the sale. First off, (Resident Piano Expert/Guru-?) Nate is not only beyond knowledgeable about every detail of your pianos (digital and acoustic), and where all the competition is in comparison, but is earnestly passionate & energetic about it; bringing customers to a level of understanding where they are too. There was never any pressure to make any immediate decisions, commitments, down-payments, etc. He answered ALL our questions with the information we needed. He actually encouraged us to bring in accomplished piano playing family members (which we are not), for objective opinions. When the choice was made, Nate not only gave us a (really) great price, which we had checked out with local Chicago-area competitors, as well as nation-wide, on-line, used/eBay, etc.,  It was then that Nate worked  diligently,  “doing the right thing” for us the customer; maintaining communication & status continually via phone & emails. Price + (Total) Service + Communication = VALUE; Naperville Music did the Right Thing, the Right Way, the First Time.

p.s Need we mention; it’s the most phenomenal playing & sounding instrument, period.  And our daughter is not only excelling in formal instruction, but loves it so much, she’s familiarized herself with most of the advanced features & is composing & recording her own pieces on it; (at age 7)." Dale, Lorri & Tia B. Dallas, Texas



Most customers expect prompt delivery of a product.  We all want instant gratification- even if it takes us 3- 6 months to decide what we want. Now is a good time to mention that we have warehouse in Naperville new pianos ready for delivery.  

We have been in business for over 40 years. We have a diversified business (just check out our website) and we are committed to providing quality products at discount prices. Actually because of our high sales volume- we will beat any legitimate price

Everyone wants a great deal... and we will not only get you a great price on a quality piano - we will actually deliver it , and service it , and be proud to add you to the list of thousands of happy customers we have had the pleasure to serve.. and will will also provide every manufacturer incentive and special financing option available.

We would like to invite you to our piano showroom, and our store.  We would like to meet you and provide you with some valuable information that will assist you in making your purchasing decision.  There's lots to choose from, and we can help you make some sense of digitals, acoustics, Hybrids, weighted action, hammer action, sampled sound, graded action, keyboards.  You can take your time and so will we.

We will never pressure you for a deposit, let alone for full payment. Our sales don't expire 1 hour after you arrive - but they do have real time limits that we will discuss with you on your visit. For example, our extended free financing is controlled by the lenders, our factory rebates are controlled by the factories, our truckload sales end when the truck leaves.

We are happy to spend time with you. Many of our customers decide on products that cost less than they expected to pay (or were quoted elsewhere) , and others spent a bit more for features that they didn't even know they could get in a piano.  The final decision is always yours!

If you would like a no-pressure piano purchasing experience give us a try.

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