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The Affordable Piano Secret

Knowledge is power, a piano purchase does not have to break the bank, but you do need to know what you are looking for.

  • Most people have an idea of what type of piano they want in their home before they start their journey.
  • Our web site and others will help you start on that journey.   When you have an idea of what you are after, then it is time to make a trip to the piano store.  Keep in mind; research is just that.  Once you see, hear, feel, and touch the real products, you may have a different idea of what is best for your family, so be open to some new ideas. There are four basic choices- grand pianos, upright pianos, Hybrid pianos, and digital pianos.
  • Bigger is not always better. Yes, the sound of a piano gets fuller and louder the bigger it is, but so does a TV. It is all relevant to the room it is going into and the skill level of the player.
  • Focus on how it feels and its tone. (not volume)
  • Feel comfortable with your sales associate that your questions are being answered, and you are rightly guided towards the piano that is right for you and your family.

If you follow these guidelines, you save hundreds of dollars by not purchasing more than you need.

The pages on our website are designed to give you lots of information about purchasing a piano. We do this because we are piano experts.

Making a decision on a piano is a big decision. We have been providing quality instruments and customer service for over 40 years, and we will not pressure you into a decision. We offer only the highest quality acoustic pianos, digital pianos, and personal piano products from manufacturers you can trust.

Things have changed a lot since the '50s and '60s. Back then, you either bought a spinet, upright, or grand piano. Now there are dozens of product types to select from, let alone brands.

So take your time, do your research, then stop in to see us. Only then can you truly get the feel of making a piano purchase in a relaxed and professional atmosphere. You can actually try the pianos right here in our showroom.

Need a Question Answered in a hurry? Use the Find My Piano form like the one located at the right. They are located on most of our piano pages. Of course, you can also call us. And the best part is that you are not under any obligation.

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