Make the Smart Choice

We want to invite you to our showroom to see and play some of the finest high-end, intermediate
and student guitars you have ever seen. We are proud of our selection and we carry instruments
from the four biggest manufacturers in the country, Martin, Taylor, Fender and Gibson.

We know a lot of people buy on line for convenience or price and that is fine for accessories and 
electronics. We also sell many types of musical items online but we have learned since online buying became big many years ago that a guitar is not an accessory nor an electronic device. A guitar is in almost all cases made of wood, it has characteristics that set it apart from other guitars even if it is the same manufacturer and model. Wood is unique and it always will be, people are unique and they always will be. Our goal is to match the right person with the right guitar and you can’t do that online.

Stop in and experience music, don’t just point and click when it comes to buying a guitar. Here are a few reasons why you should not buy a guitar online.  Also click below for 20 tips on guitar care and a free gift from us!

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5 Things That May Shock You!

You may get a previously used instrument. 

Did you know that the guitars that are returned online often get repackaged and shipped to the next unsuspecting customer. If the guitar was returned, you do not want to buy somebody’s problem. You may not find what was wrong with the instrument until you are past the return date.  

Sure, everybody takes returns to some extent, even we do, but when you are in our store trying the guitar, we have hang tags to alert you if the guitar is not new.
The bigger the online company is, the more returns they get. Don’t take the chance, play the guitar before you buy it.

You have to spend more money to return the item. 

Most of the big online companies have a list of up to nine requirements you have to meet to return your instrument and if they determine there was nothing wrong with it, you will pay the return shipping. The last thing you want is to spend more money when you’re not happy with your purchase.

Let’s say there is nothing wrong with the guitar but you just don’t like it, you will have to pay for return shipping and at some online stores you will have to pay a restocking fee. So much for your great deal.

If you had played it before you bought it, you would be happy when you paid for it and happy when you got it home.

Our in-store prices will always be lower than any online store. (Even our own)

All music vendors are limited as to what price they can post online, that is why you see the same price at all the big online stores. We have those same limitations on our web site, but if you visit our store, we can sell you the guitar of your dreams for a lot less than the online price! We will always match or beat any online price from an authorized dealer.

Pictures can be deceiving. 

Look at these 3 pictures. It appears to be 3 of the same model guitar with 3 different finish choices, cherry, walnut and wine red. This is actually 3 different pictures of the same guitar. Looks can be deceiving and Photoshop can do some amazing things to highlight grain or flame in the wood.

When you visit our showroom you will know exactly what the guitar looks like. All of our guitars are lit with plain incandescent lighting, no LED or fluorescent lights that can change the appearance of the guitar. When you get it home, it will look as great as it did in the store.

The guitar doesn't know when your return date expires. 

Funny thing about guitars, they are made of wood and can change like the weather and often do. Humidity, lack of humidity, heat and cold are just some of things that can change the sound and playability of a guitar, and the guitar doesn’t care when you bought it or how long you have to return it.

When you purchase form us we are going to take care of your instrument whenever an issue arises. We do the first year of normal setups and restrings for free, we also will handle the shipping of any guitar that has to go in for warranty issues. We have been in Naperville for over 40 years and we will be right here if you need our help.