Naperville Music offers fast and affordable repairs on most band and orchestra instruments, to both our rental customers as well as others.

Here are some common questions:

How much will my repair cost?

The actual cost of your repair will be dependant upon what is wrong with your instrument. Most band instrument problems are not one specific problem. One key not working may be caused by a linkage problem at a different key. Just push down a key and see all the parts that move ( or don't). If you call us and tell us that the Eb key doesn't work, it won't help us much in determining a possible cost to repair. The problem may not have anything to do with that key, but rather it could just be a symptom. So the thing to do is to bring it in and we will evaluate the repair at no cost to you.

How long will it take?

Our goal is to complete our band and orchestra repairs within 3 business days of receiving it. We are proud that most of our repairs are done during that time or sooner. Of course, if we need parts, or need to manufacture a part (yes we do that when parts are not available), it will take longer.

If a repair is going to be delayed, you will be notified. I have lessons, what am I supposed to do? No problem, loaner instruments are available if needed.

What if extensive repairs are required?

Our technicians are fully capable of doing complete overhauls on instruments in house. The only thing we subcontract is refinishing. An instrument can be overhauled without refinishing, and in fact most are done without refinishing due to the added cost, and risk of changing the tone of the instrument.

Can I get an estimate?

Yes. Your repair is usually handled on an "estimate if over a specified amount" basis. This allows us to get the instrument back to you in the fastest way possible. If a repair is going to exceed the preset limit, we will contact you for your approval before proceeding with the repair. You may also decline the work and the instrument will be returned to you without performing the required repairs.

What's the warranty on your repairs?

We want to assure you that you are receiving the highest quality repair possible. We only use professional quality, and, whenever possible, original factory parts in all of our instrument repairs. Our repairs are warranted for 90 days against defects in both parts and labor. My instrument is older, why did you give me 2 estimates? In some cases we will provide 2 estimates. One would be 'playing condition' the other would be for the work the technician feels needs to be done to solve both the current problem, as well as problems he foresees happening in the near future due to normal use and the general condition of the instrument. When the cost of placing a woodwind instrument into playing condition approaches the cost of doing a more complete repair such as a repad or an overhaul you will be contacted with an estimate for both repairs. This will allow us to discuss the needs of your instrument more thoroughly as well as possibly saving you money by not having to repeatedly bring the instrument in for smaller repairs.

I have an Emergency Repair what Do I do?

Let us know, and we will do our best to get your problem solved. Unlike other repairs shops, we do not have an upcharge for this service, its just part of what we do- Serve our customer. If we understand the urgency of your situation we are happy to do what ever we can to get your instrument back in playing condition and meet your deadline.

I rent my instrument from Naperville Music, how much do I pay?

If you are renting your band or orchestra instrument from Naperville Music, all repairs and adjustments are done at no cost under the terms of your rental maintenance agreement.

So there you have some answers to common questions. If your band or orchestra instrument needs repair the next thing to do is to contact us. We are here to help, just like we have been for over 25 years. Our dedicated staff with assist you in every way possible, and get your instrument repaired economically and quickly.

If you have any questions about a repair - give us a call, or email us.