Digital Drum Sets

 Why you should own an Electronic Drum Set!

The electronic drum set is ideal for practice and live performance. You can practice in your room with headphones while you're listening to yourself jam with all styles of music at whatever volume level you want. No one else can hear you!

You can record your kit directly to your computer and play your drum parts live for all of your songs, no more drum machine!

You can practice with the band and run your drum set through the PA system and you won't be too loud for everyone else. These Yamaha DTX electronic kits are extremely versatile and offer you hundreds of different drum sounds so you can choose the perfect sound for anything that you are doing.

We sell just as many of these kits to drummers who already have an acoustic drum set as we do drummers who have no set at all yet. The DTX drum sets are priced lower than ever before. Not only do you get a huge discount from the list price, you also get free shipping if you are not near our store in Naperville. If you are near us we encourage you to stop by our showroom for a complete demonstration. Don't miss this sale!

There are many types of digital drum sets. We can help you find which set is right for you. To help you learn more on this powerful way to learn, practice and play drums, click the button to the right and we will help you find the right drum kit. 


 Gen16 - real cymbals for digital drum sets. Click on the add below for more information!

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