Turn your family room into a piano concert hall!
Relax to the sounds of the worlds most famous piano players.

 Now you can control your piano from your iPhone or any other MP3 player, CD, or DVD player.

Your piano will set the stage for every
occasion from sing-alongs with friends to a romantic dinner for two. Store your personal library of songs from every decade to sing and play.

Update your collection any time with your new favorite artist. 



Watch this video to learn about the PianoDisc IQ System

Easy to Operate
The iQ system can be operated by your choice of devices. You can use an MP3 player, play music from CDs and DVDs, or download PianoDisc music to iTunes and play the piano through your laptop or desktop. As with MP3 players, you can control the volume and song selection directly from the iTunes interface.

Plays your favorite music The iQ system plays music from the entire PianoDisc music library, which includes performances by scores of award winning artists, including Grammy winners, Billboard Top-Ten artists and the winners of major international piano competitions.

The iQ system also plays PianoSync™ music, which combines a new, live piano accompaniment with the hit CDs of musical superstars.

Complete Audio Visual Experience The iQ system also integrates with Smart Homes, connected homes, home audio and home theater systems. With this last combination, you can play a PianoDisc PianoVideo™. As you watch the pianist play on the screen, the music he’s performing will play live on your piano. These thrilling video performances are available in standard or high definition.

How does the IQ System work? The center of the iQ system is PianoDisc’s patented 88-note SilentDrive™ playback system.

SilentDrive’s electronics are virtually invisible in the piano yet they control all aspects of a performance from key to pedal response.

The worlds greatest pianists...playing your piano Thanks to SilentDrive’s patented technology, iQ plays the piano with the musical equivalent of high definition: full expression performances by piano artists guaranteed to dazzle you and your friends.